About Me

I’m what most would call a jack of all trades.

If you want to work with me just get in touch! I’m always open to new & interesting opportunities.


My interests range widely but are somewhat confined to the technology sphere.

  • Automation is what I crave most, sometimes even to my own detriment
  • Writing is something I discovered for myself in 2020 and have happily done since. Technical posts, tutorials & end user documentation - I enjoy writing it all!
  • Home Automation: I love to automate things in my home with HomeKit and Home Assistant


This list is by no means exhaustive, but focused on what I actually use regularly.

  • PowerShell: It is my daily driver and first choice for anything from quick POC scripts to large scale backend operations.
  • The basic web stack: I consider myself to have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, Javascript is not my strong suite as I’m mostly building simple POC UIs.
  • Python: I’m fluent in reading, understanding and changing existing systems. Writing larger systems from scratch is not yet something I’m good at.