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I’m working on doing what I love all the time, this is the company for just that.

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Currently I mainly focus on providing excellent services to small companies in germany, feel free to contact me about that!


This blog is my main project where I write, mostly about PowerShell and how to replace Bash with it.

In contrast to the notes published here posts on ps1.guru take a great deal of time so please give it some love.

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Open Source Script Collection

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A ready to go application to sell access to GitLab projects with Gumroad.

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I wrote about the story behind this, currently there is not much active development here as I believe it is feature complete for every use case I currently know about.

Of course this could change at any time, please get in touch if you have any questions about this product.

OSI Layer8

A fun little project for selling merchandise around this classic technology joke and learning Lektor CMS

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